Polar Bear Rugs

Now you can capture the splendor of The Ultimate Trophy with these magnificent rare polar bear rugs.

These 100% real polar bear rugs are extremely rare and can only be bought in a select few places. We devote great time and care to making sure these polar bear rugs look as real as possible and will stay that way for years. These rugs look great in any setting and their beautiful fur and very detailed head make them a must for any cottage or home.

The polar bear is the world's largest land predator. They are primarily found in the arctic of Canada and Alaska. Our beautiful Polar Bear Rugs, are from bears hunted by Inuit (Eskimo) hunters in the Arctic of Northern Canada. We are one of the few companies that have access to aquire these bears. There are tight hunting restrictions to preserve the number of polar bears in the Arctic, there is a lottery to which the Inuit people can apply. Only one or two bears are permitted to be killed from each northern community. Only 500 bears in total are allowed to be hunted each year.

Important Note: Unlike some of our competitors, our bear rugs always ship with official CITES wildlife permits which allows them to be legally bought, sold and shipped worldwide except for polar bears, which cannot be shipped to the United States unless they were brought into the United States prior to 1972.