5 Foot 7 inch Grizzly Bear Rug #LEH90185701

Model # BL-RUG-GBEAR-LEH90185701
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  • Nose to Tail Measurements: 5 feet 7 inches
  • New - Freshly tanned and mounted
  • Acquired in Northern Canada
  • Spring bear with full thick fur
  • Mounted with original hide, nose, mouth, and claws
  • Artificial eyes, teeth, tongue and skull
  • Premium quality under padding
  • D-Rings under the arms , legs, and head for optional wall hanging
  • Felt border
  • Mounted by professional taxidermist
  • Made in Canada Made in Canada

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5 Foot 7 Inch Grizzly Bear Rug
100% Authentic Canadian Grizzly Bear Skin Rug. Complete with original claws, padded underlay, and double layer felt border.

Tip of Nose to Base:5 Feet 7 Inches

These large grizzly rugs feature massive heads and claws that are in exceptional condition. The fur is extremely thick and soft.

Our realistic grizzly bear rug mounts are commercially tanned by the best tanneries in Canada and mounted by professional taxidermists. We devote great time and care to the eyes, nose and ears to make our bear skin rugs look alive. The bear skin rugs include a padded under layer with black felt border trim. They are always mounted with original claws.

Note: We ship our bears with official CITES permit documents which allow them to be legally shipped worldwide.

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