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Your Source for Bear Skin Rugs & Wildlife Taxidermy Mounts

Bear Skin World specializes in high quality large & extra large Canadian Bear Skin Rugs and Wildlife Taxidermy Mounts. We pride ourselves in providing competition quality bear rugs, mounts, and fur products for our customers. We do not sacrifice quality for price. Our realistic Bear Rug mounts and animal Taxidermy Mounts are among the best in the country. All of our skins are commercially tanned by the best tanneries in Canada. We devote great time and care to the eyes, nose and ears to make our authentic Bear Skin Rugs and Wildlife Mounts look alive. The interior of the mouth and teeth are airbrushed and hand stained for a true to life look. The eyes are state of the art implant quality. Our mounts always have original claws in excellent condition. + Read More

Canada's Finest Bearskins

All of the animals used are ethically hunted and professionally mounted in Canada. Canada is home to some of the rarest and largest wildlife in the North America. As you may know, the further North, the better quality of the fur, simply because of the cold weather conditions. Many of the animals come from Inuit (Eskimo) hunters in the Canadian Arctic who use the meat of the animal for food and sell the skins to trading posts as their source of income. We strive to find and buy the biggest and best skins available. We take pride in being able to offer some of North America's finest and rarest Trophy Bear Skin Rugs and Taxidermy Mounts.

What we Offer

Bear Skin World is home to some of the largest and rarest Polar Bear Skins. We are one of the few places in the world where you can find brand new real Polar Bear Rugs For Sale. We always have a large selection of real Black Bear Skin Rugs For Sale and genuine Grizzly Bear Rugs. You can also buy authentic Animal Fur Rugs such as our popular Wolf Rugs including timber wolf and arctic wolf rugs. We also have lynx, cougar, badger, bobcat, and wolverine fur rugs for sale. Buffalo Hides have become very popular. We have Buffalo hides for sale that can be used as Buffalo rugs , throws or Buffalo robes. You will also find Beautiful Australian Sheepskin Rugs and stylish Caribou hides for sale.

In addition to our Rugs we always have a good selection of brand new Wildlife Taxidermy Mounts available. We always have Life Size Bear Mounts for sale including both Black Bear Mounts and Grizzly Mounts and sometimes Polar Bear Mounts. You will find some massive Moose Shoulder Mounts and Moose Antlers as well as enormous Elk Antler Shoulder Mounts and Buffalo Shoulder mounts. We also offer Dall Sheep, Stone Sheep, Mountain Goat, and Big Horn Sheep Mounts as life size or head / shoulder wall mounts. There are usually Wolf Life Size Mounts for sale as well as various other animal mounts from fine Northern Canadian wildlife.

Why Buy From Us

Bear Skin World has the largest selection of new Bear Skin Rugs and new Wildlife Taxidermy mounts available on the Internet. We work hard to keep our website continuously up to date with the items we have for sale. When you purchase a rug or mount from us you can be sure you will receive the exact one from the website pictures. We take extra effort to provide multiple pictures of every single rug and mount so that our customers will be comfortable knowing what the item looks like from every angle. There is a 15 day satisfaction guarantee return policy and toll free customer service available 7 days a week to ensure that our customers are happy with their purchase. We have satisfied customers worldwide, please view our customer testimonials to read comments from some of our customers.