Black Bear Rugs


Black Bear Rug Black Bear Rugs are a welcome addition to any home.  They look and feel great which means they are both comfortable to walk and crawl upon as well as a sensational ornament when hung on the wall.  It is critical however that any Bear Skin Rug is properly tanned and mounted by professionals who know what they are doing. The heads traditionally remain attached.  A sure sign of quality is if the claws are flawless.  Black Bear Rugs come in a variety of sizes and colors to choose from.  While generally black, they also come in various shades of brown and cinnamon as well.  The most common source for these is Northern Canada which is well known to have the largest such bears with the most luxuriant fur.  One important element to keep in mind when purchasing Black Bear Rugs is that a Cites wildlife permit be included with the shipment which allows the rug to legally be transported anywhere in the world. Tanned Bear Hide can be made into more than just Black Bear Rugs.  Coats and jackets, shawls and stoles can also be fashioned from bear hide along with hats and blankets.  The fur of many mammals such as sable has long been crafted into garments.  Want to try something exotic?  How about a fur pillow of this sort?  Fur coats have long been regarded as the height of fashion.  Think of the glamour a mink coat suggests.  Fur now is available for casual wear as well.  Men especially enjoy the rugged appearance tanned bear hide lends.  Black Bear Rugs are durable products, and the same goes for clothing items made from bear and other fur bearing mammals.  This quality and reliability carries over into the full range of fur products so long as the buyer remembers to purchase from a reliable supplier.  Check out the comments from customers at online sites to see real stories of satisfaction such purchases brings. Also consider adding a cowhide rug to any room for that sleek style.




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