Decorate with a Grizzly Bear Rug


Grizzly RugsIf you’ve got a bear rug for your home décor, and it is from any species, it means that you have a masterpiece.  But if what you have is a grizzly bear rug, this is what you call a conversation starter.  Grizzly bears are known as the North American brown bears.  They were given the name because of their fur’s “grizzled” or gray hair.  So a grizzly bear and a brown bear is one and the same, and you’ll find it hard to distinguish one from the other. Grizzly bear products include mounts, pelts, rugs, hides and skins.  The animal is a wildlife species which is considered the most fierce of all mammal predators in the continent of North America.  They are valued and priced highly by decorators, collectors and all individuals who love wilderness taxidermy and nature as a whole. The expertise applied in  the grizzly bear rugs taxidermy and the tanning process are the real secret if what you want is top quality rug for your home and office.  The initial process followed from cutting and cleaning and preservation of the bear hide is very important to the quality of the end product.  Taxidermists take extra care in cleaning the fat, making sure that there is no cutting through the layer of the skin which can result in damage to the hair.  They use the appropriate tools and make the right cuts, to give you a beautiful and durable real grizzly bear rug. On the internet are many online stores that offer grizzly bear rugs for sale.  Through these stores, you can also customize your bear rug order.  There are different choices in colors and sizes.  If you want to enhance your office or home décor, you can tailor your rug order in accordance to the size of the area where you want to mount your grizzly bear rug.  Grizzly bear rugs are impressive to display especially in front of your fire place and other places in your home.




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